Personalized Medicine – The BrainPaint Difference


BrainPaint follows the same model as personalized medicine.  Personalized medicine proposes the customization of healthcare, which includes practices that are tailored for each individual.  This is the #1 BrainPaint difference. Depending on your issues and goals, the BrainPaint system customizes each and every protocol just for you!  And, the best part is, it is without medicine.

BrainPaint uses a systematic approach, which was demonstrated in research to have a large effect on attention (ADD & ADHD), anxiety, depression, thought disorders, social introversion, hysteria, hypochondria and openness (reduced defensiveness). A systematic approach takes out all the guesswork ensuring more consistent results among providers.

BrainPaint is the ONLY neurofeedback system that automates the exact implementation of alpha-theta protocol demonstrated in studies to address trauma (PTSD) and addictions.  Alpha-theta is also the best protocol for peak performance, fears, phobias, fibromyalgia and some forms of anxiety, depression and chronic pain.  The BrainPaint software is a computerized version of the same manual that was endorsed by the Human Subjects Review Committee at UCLA for one of the largest randomized control studies in the field.

BrainPaint does not require an expensive brain scan to get started. A study compared the technique BrainPaint uses for protocol selection to that of a brain map and concluded: “…it is not possible to draw conclusions regarding any advantage regarding QEEG-versus Scott/Peniston-specific training using current analysis.” ~ Roger J. deBeus, PhD, BCIA-EEG

BrainPaint providers aim for measurable results in life improvements rather than just changes in brainwaves. The majority of studies do not find conclusive evidence of changes in brainwaves that correlate to improvements in symptoms.

Children find the games very antiquated compared to the games they play with at home, therefore, they quickly get bored and don’t seem to take the feedback as seriously. Painting with your brain is a novelty.

personalized medicine

If you leave a treatment center or move residences, your new BrainPaint provider can electronically (and securely) receive your exact protocols, therefore, you won’t miss a beat in your training. You will pick up exactly where you left off.

BrainPaint is headquartered in Pacific Palisades, CA, and has Authorized BrainPaint Providers around the world.

BrainPaint is the #1 provider of neurofeedback equipment to mental health and addiction treatment centers.

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