Neurofeedback Therapy – What happens during a session?

Selecting a Tailored Protocol Just For You

Neurofeedback Therapy

1In your first neurofeedback therapy session your practitioner will ask you 90 questions to
come up with an individualized protocol tailored for you.  In subsequent sessions you will
be asked about six questions to fine tune your protocols and to track your progress.

Placing the Sensors

2Your provider will then put sensors on your ear and scalp.  It doesn’t hurt and nothing
goes into your brain!  The sensors only pick up the electrical activity coming from your
brainwaves.  You may have 1-3 sensor placement changes throughout your sessions
for a total of 25-30 minutes of feedback.

Neurofeedback Therapy Session with the Eyes Closed

Neurofeedback Therapy3Depending on your protocols you may either receive feedback with your eyes closed
(auditory only) or with your eyes open (auditory and visual).  When the eyes are closed,
alpha rises (since the brain is idle) allowing one to go into deeper states. Many people
find alpha theta very relaxing.

Neurofeedback Therapy Sessions with the Eyes Open

Neurofeedback Therapy

With eyes open neurofeedback training you watch the fractals morphing on the
screen. You can also be mindful of the green and red graphs.  BrainPaint will let
you know when you are “in the zone” – the perfect state of relaxed attentiveness
with your awareness in the present moment. Or, what we call “What is”. Every 2
minutes BrainPaint will give you additional feedback as well.



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